Supersoft Pastelle Carpet

Supersoft Pastelle Carpet
Blank Wall
Blank Wall
Supersoft Pastelle Carpet
Silver Pastelle


Price £17.25 m2
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Available in 17 colours
Silver PastelleSilver SupersoftMisty dayTouch of FostCrushed VelvetTruffleEskimo KissCookie CrumbleMagic DustRosewoodLavender DreamOcean WaveWhisperDevon CreamBear HugSandy BayWillow Wood
  • Household stain free lifetime guarantee
  • 10 year wear warranty
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Superback secondary backing
  • Heavy domestic use
  • Underlay required
  • Branded carpet by Abingdon

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Product Information
Enjoy all the benefits that this carpet has to offer. If you have a lifestyle which requires easy clean interiors then Stain free Super Pastelle Supreme by Abingdon is for you. With it's household stain free lifetime guarantee and ten year warranty, this carpet is up to the mark. Also includes a secondary backing - Super Back fabric laminated to the primary backing of the carpet for addition support. And if it's looks you're after, this carpet won't disappoint, a soft, plush deep pile which comes in an excellant choice of pale but interesting, pretty pastel shades. Suitable for all living areas in your home and is available in four and five metre roll widths.

Features and benefits
  • Super soft luxury yarn
  • Low fleck design
  • Soft plush pile
  • Soft deep pile, plush to the touch
  • Very luxurious under foot
  • Hard wearing
  • Easily cleanable

  • Total height
  • Stock code
10.0 mm