Delvin FB

Delvin FB
Blank Wall
Blank Wall
Delvin FB


Price £6.58 m2
In stock
Available in 10 colours
  • Stain defender
  • Felt back
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Heavy domestic
  • Can be fitted with or without underlay

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Product Information
This gem of a carpet is a real treasure! With the look of pure sophistication, Delvin will transform any room in your home from drab to dramatic! So if you want to refresh your surroundings at a great price, this modern looking carpet is definitely for you. Suitable for heavy traffic areas, it is extremely durable and hardwearing. Soft to the touch, Delvin comes in a fabulous array of ten complimentary colours. Should you require our carpet fitting service, check out our installation option for more details.

Features and benefits
  • Nice touch
  • Mid fleck
  • Tight pile
  • Nice under foot

  • Total height
  • Stock code
8.0 mm